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My Story

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I'm Abigail Ladd, a health coach, fitness trainer, yoga teacher, and fat lady! I have been working in fitness spaces most of my life. I got my start at 19 as a lifeguard and swim instructor before becoming a group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and personal trainer. 

My relationship with fitness hasn't always been a healthy one. I struggled with an eating disorder for most of my life and sadly that created a disordered relationship with fitness.

In recovery, I not only had to heal my relationship with food, but I also had to rediscover a healthy relationship with movement, which is no easy task in our fitness culture of "no pain, no gain." It was a slow and intentional process. It involved a lot of self-compassion,  permission, and an anti-diet & Health at Every Size approach.

It is now my life's mission to help others make sustainable changes to their life while healing their relationship with food and movement.
I want to reduce barriers to access and make fitness spaces more inclusive, welcoming, and completely shame-free! 

You deserve access to high-quality health and fitness instruction! 

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