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My Approach

Abigail Ladd, Health & Fitness Coach

Abigail Ladd, Health & Fitness Coach

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What is an Anti-Diet

Health & Fitness Coach?


Anti-diet (or non-diet) health & fitness coaching means I don't work with intentional weight loss to "improve" health. I use weight-inclusive, fat-positive, Health At Every Size, and intuitive eating practices while coaching clients. I don't advocate for weight-loss goals, restricting foods, or "fad" diets. Your worth is not wrapped up in your body size. Read that again. Weight loss isn't "on the back burner" with me because all my work is weight neutral. We can work to improve your health, strength, flexibility, and mobility without changing your body size or weight.

Research shows that dieting doesn't work and, in fact, is the best predictor of long-term weight gain. Dieting creates food obsession, binging, weight cycling, chronic dieting, and eating disorders. Dieting also divorces you from your own internal hunger and satiety cues. Dieting trains your metabolism to do more with less and puts your body into a perpetual starvation state, which as you can imagine is damaging to your long-term health. 


However, research does show that health can be improved using many other factors that have nothing to do with weight loss or caloric restriction. Working with me will help you reconnect with your innate body wisdom. Together we will untangle the rule and belief systems of diet culture to repair your relationship with food and exercise. Enjoy eating and exercise again!

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