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Tone it, Lift it, Build it: 5 Benefits of Strength Training!

Our muscle mass decreases as we age, as does our ability to balance, our bone density (especially in women) and the ability of our heart to pump blood efficiently (blood pressure elevation). Aging isn’t for wimps, but it also doesn’t just magically begin at 40 or 65. We are always aging, which is good news because you can always make changes to help you age with grace. And strength training is some serious bang for your buck.

1. Promotes Bone Growth and Health: If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should be thinking about your foundation – your bones! Just like the rest of our bodies bones aren’t stagnant, they are constantly breaking down, repairing and building back. They are also the warehouses for a lot of your stem cells! Studies show that 30 mins of resistance training (i.e. resisting against weight – you bodyweight counts) twice a week improves bone structure, density and strength and is essential for bone and joint health.

2. Increase Metabolism: Muscle is a bit of a Diva. It requires a lot of nutrition and exercise to keep around. Since muscle requires a lot of calories to maintain, it is the first thing your body will look to get rid of or break down to feed other parts of your body if you’re not taking in enough nutrition or using it. However, this also means that when you do feed it and work it properly it helps you burn more calories while you sitting in your car, shopping or sleeping! Sign me up!

3. Helps Manage Health Conditions (especially chronic): If the benefits of exercise could be bottled in a pill it would cost millions! There are ample studies documenting the benefits of exercise (yes, gentle walking counts) on all kinds of chronic conditions like chronic back pain, arthritis, heart disease, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and almost everything else.

4. Enhance You Cognitive Function and Mood: There is some evidence that exercise can boost your thinking and learning skills. Due to increased blood flow, chemical changes in the brain during workout sharpen focus. If you’re feeling the post lunch blues at work get up and do 5-10 squats and see if that changes.

5. Improves Body Awareness: Remember when you used to be able to balance, jump off swings and climb stuff easily. Most kids have an amazing capacity for proprioception (i.e. know where your body is in space) and as we age, become more sedentary and move our bodies in less playful ways we can lose that capacity. Working out regularly helps keep this connection with your body strong.

What do you do for exercise? What would you like to do more of? How do you need help improving your exercise routine or maybe just starting one? Hit me up below and I’ll help you out!

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