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Elimination Diet - Preparation

Updated: Dec 29, 2017

Prep up! Here are some tips to help you prepare for an elimination diet!

Tip #1 - Get a Guide

I purchased a book off of amazon that came highly recommended by a friend of mine who had recently completed an elimination diet. It is The Elimination Diet - Discover The Foods That Are Making You Sick And Tired by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre. They have a helpful website - Whole Life Nutrition - which has free, downloadable resources. I found the food lists particularly helpful through the phases of this particular eliminations diet. Not all eliminations diets begin with a detox phase, but this particular diet does. As a fan of cleanses (particularly juice cleanses), this version of an elimination diet appealed to me.

Tip #2 - Attitude Adjustment

The very name - an elimination diet - suggests depravation. The whole purpose of this eating experience is designed to remove foods you normally eat from your diet to detect any food sensitivities you might have. That sounds like deprivation to many, particularly those like me who have had a troubled relationship with food. Instead of thinking "I can't have that," - I am reframing this experience to say "I am choosing not to have that," or "I choose not to eat that." I am also reminding myself that this is temporary and for my own discovery. It is a experiment that will hopefully provide me with a wonderful amount of knowledge about my body!

Tip #3 - Get your shopping on!

Clean out the kitchen of things that will not be beneficial to you on this journey. Create or get a list of foods you can eat and hang them on the fridge. This is an easy way to remember what to eat. It is also super helpful when creating a shopping list.

Tip #4 - Call in the Troops!

Tell the world that you are embarking on this journey and why. Most people will make a comment like "that sounds hard," but don't let that bother you . Usually, friends and family are the best cheerleaders when you are on a journey like this to improve your health.

Tip #5 - Record, Record, Record

On this diet you feelings, inklings and thoughts are all important. The elimination diet's success is based solely on your detective skills, so everything and anything you notice is important. Food is magical and when we eat it, it slowly mutates and becomes us. So any gurgles, bloating, lightness, mood changes are a part of how food effects you and should be recorded. Over the course of you eliminations and reintroductions your "noticings" should begin to produce some helpful patterns and clues as to what foods might be causing reactions.

Tip #6 - Get Creative!

Remember that even though this may be a challenging process for some it is also an exciting investigation! Make time for the things you love and the people you love. Sometimes when you eliminate things from your life you need to create new things to fill in the gaps. I personally made a commitment to create more art support myself through my experience!

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