My Approach

I believe you do not need to be fixed.

Because you are not broken. In my practice, you come as you are. All that has helped you, hurt you, healed you has built you into the being you are and you are enough.


I believe food is the best medicine.

What we eat becomes the building blocks of our cells and the foundation of our health. It is a powerful tool for sustaining health. It is the real health insurance.

I believe challenges are the greatest teachers.

All our issues with food, body and weight have a valuable lesson to teach us. When we listen in to our intuition and reflect on our experiences we can see and appreciate it's wisdom.


I believe in balance.

A world of total freedom is chaos and a world of total restriction is prison. I believe in the gentle push and pull of both of these important principles.

My Training:

      I was trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating which unites the psychology behind eating habits and nutrition science. This approach looks at who we are as eaters as well as how and what we eat. You are welcome to read more about the school and their philosophy at their website:

What is Mind Body Nutrition?

"Mind Body Nutrition™ is an exciting new approach that looks at the psycho-physiology of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning and all the nutritive functions of the body are literally and scientifically impacted by stress, relaxation, thought, emotion, pleasure, our personal story, eating rhythm, eating speed, awareness, and so much more. WHAT we eat is half the story of good nutrition. The other half of the story is WHO we are as eaters. Mind Body Nutrition™ provides this all-important missing link to metabolic health." - The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

  • Learn more about Mind Body Nutrition here.

What is Dynamic Eating Psychology? 

"Dynamic Eating Psychology™ is an eating psychology for everyone. It’s a positive approach that sees all of our eating concerns as an opportunity for growth and transformation. It explores how our food challenges are here to teach us, rather than enemies to be attacked. It looks to uncover the connections between our personal world and our unwanted eating habits." - The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

  • Learn more about Dynamic Eating Psychology here.

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