Friends & Mentors

Life didn't evolve in a vacuum and neither did I. Check out these friends and mentors and be inspired to live a full life! is an amazing blog and resource for positive energy and emotional healing run by my dear friend Sarah Kit Farrell.


Shawn Stevenson and his podcast The Model Health Show is such a powerful addition to have in you back pocket. It is jam-packed with life changing information. 


The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, this is the school I attended to get my health coach certificate. All of my foundation in Mind Body Nutrition was developed here. 


Fearless Rebelle Radio, is a wonderful podcast that helps people divorce themselves from diet culture and heal their body image. 


Abel James is the creator of the wild diet and a very big inspiration to me. He has a great podcast and a even better book with fabulous recipes. 


American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) is the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health certification organization. Check them out at


...more to come...


...more to come...